Sunday, 31 August 2008

No laptop

I wanted to keep this blog up to date with the stuff I was creating, at the time I created it, but sadly my (only a few months old) lappy hit a virus and doesnt work. It went off to my youngest DD's OH to be mended but I havent seen or heard any progress in two weeks now. MY eldest DD has lent me her very slow, very old (about 8 years) laptop so I can at least connect, but its not too keen on some tasks I want it to perform. (Like finding software and drivers in order to scan and stitch my 12x12 LO's LOL)

Of course having no internet for a while did force me into being a tad more productive, and alongside having a REALLY tidy scrap room, I have got on with a few more pojects. Obvously since I couldnt print out any photos, I wasnt as productive as the amount of time I had available but here is the stuff I did get done.

I have long been a huge fan of Carol Jansen's 3D work, and fell in love with a LO she had created using Carolee papers. I wanted to scraplift it as it stood, but couldnt find the papers she had used on line anywhere. So I did the best I could using what I had.

I used mainly Autumn leaves stamps to make the flower patch, colouring in with water colour paints.
The bit underneath the photo is a Doodlebug strip, covered with some bazille, I trimmed the curved edge using my corner rounder and then punched holes equally along it. Then one of those 'happy accidents' the glue on the back went over the holes so to stop the LO being sticky I filled them with some green microbeads that have lurked in my stach for a couple of years. I discovered that unlike anything else I unsucsessfully tried to use to adhere microbeads, ATG tape works a treat!

Some more chipboard letters covered in glitter and volia. Not much like the original but I like it.

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