Friday, 26 September 2008

Doing it digitally

I discovered that my hits count went up because a certain smacker on a certain smack blog wasnt too keen on this blog - moaning that I had given instructions on a scraplift. Mmm pity they cant read since that particular LO only had supply lists and a credit to the original and not instructions.

To be honest I was a little hurt that someone had been so unkind, but then I thought, well hey, I am doing this blog for me, not them, because its to remind me what stuff I used and how I went about each LO - already there are LO's in my albums where I look and think.. I wish I could remember what paper that is. And lets face it, I' m not sitting here forcing anyone's arm up their back making them read my stuff.

So this is a very quick digi LO using the latest free Miss Mint kit. And since there are no techniques apart from digi ones, and no extra bits of kits or any hybrid work, I am not going to say any more about it!

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